If you're a Fire Emblem fan it's an excellent game to pick up as they combine variety of fire emblem heroes in different games (mostly Fates and … -slayer / Strong x if innate -slayer 3. 1 Battle Planning 2 Combat 2.1 Stats 2.2 Weapon Triangle 2.3 Warrior Gauge 2.4 Warrior Special 2.5 Stun Gauge 2.6 Awakening Mode 2.7 Pair Up 2.7.1 Dual Attacks/Specials 2.7.2 Supports 3 Camp 3.1 Crest Market 3.1.1 Master Seals 3.2 Smithy 3.3 Temple 3.4 Training Grounds 4 Items 5 Weapons 6 Gold Like most Fire Emblem games, Warriors also has a weapon triangle where one weapon … Overall, Fire Emblem Warriors is a very enjoyable game mixing in Fire Emblem elements (support levels/weapon triangle) with Dynasty Warriors type gameplay. However, a lesser-known mechanic is "Armor Break," which was introduced in Fire Emblem Warriors.Fire Emblem Warriors was a far cry from your average Fire … Amped (All Stats +20%) 5. However, certain characters possess or can earn unique weapons … Instead, some abilities will give you advantages to certain weapons. -breaker 6. [1] The pinned Fire Emblem Warriors Resource Spreadsheet has a "Weapon Slot Recommendations" tab. The core gameplay is patterned to Koei Tecmo’s “Warriors” series of action, hack-and-slash games where players take control of heroes from conflicting factions and fight their way through hordes … Fire Emblem Warriors is the latest spinoff title from Omega Force and Team Ninja, published by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo. They are earned in both the Story Mode and History Mode, either by defeating officers or completing the battles (sometimes with an S rank). The Fire Emblem series keeps creating new mechanics to keep players engaged, such as the "weapon triangle," "Pair Up" and "Supports." Pair Up+ / Critical+ 4. … Similar to the more common physical weapon triangle… Anyone else glad the weapon triangle is falling out of favor with intelligent systems? Warriors who wield the same type of weapon share same selection of arms. The only ones who can probably utilize a Strong x is only Prfs (Personal) weapons with innate -slayers, since I believe 1. "Axe is strong against the … These are all interesting gameplay features that were both strategically viable and were fun to utilize. This is a guide to the important combat feature known as the Weapon Triangle in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). For example, the Axebreaker ability will give your character a Hit/Avo +20 when using a sword against axe users.. What is the Weapon Triangle? By Whitfield1999 , Monday at 06:53 PM in General Fire Emblem Reply to this topic Read on to learn about different types of weapons and classes, as well as the type advantages and disadvantages all weapon … Weapons and items in Fire Emblem Warriors are equipment available to characters from the convoy. -slayer 2. The Trinity of Magic (魔法の三すくみ, Mahō no San-sukomi lit. Both the Weapon Triangle and the Pair Up feature ... dr Fire Emblem Warriors nails the sense of micromanagement and planning the Fire Emblem series is known for, and it does so without sacrificing the frantic gameplay pace the Warriors franchise is famous for. Trilemma of Magic) is the variant of the weapon triangle that involves magical tomes. The weapon triangle is a staple of the Fire Emblem franchise but it came into being later in the franchise, and was utilized in most Fire Emblem games that were released in the west. It is a major tactical fighting system featured in the Jugdral series, Elibe series, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and the Tellius series. I really like this game. The Weapon Triangle is mechanic that has existed in past Fire Emblem games.