Make a difference in Whatcom County.

Women Sharing Hope offers three levels of membership.

Active Membership

Active membership is for individuals who wish to be personally involved in the selection of, planning for, and executing of our fund-raising and hands-on events. Active members are required to attend a minimum of three meetings or work parties per year and purchase single tickets to our major funding-raising events. Active members also must volunteer on one of five Committees each year and provide at least one auction item.

Active Patron Membership

Active Patron membership is designed for individuals who are supportive of Women Sharing Hope’s mission, but wish to play a less active role. Active Patrons are asked to purchase tickets to each fundraising event. They are asked to volunteer at each fundraiser and provide an auction item for one of the fundraising events.

Patron Membership

Patron membership is designed for individuals who wish to support Women Sharing Hope’s  mission on a primarily financial basis. Participation in events is optional but welcomed.