I have never seen a U.N. marking on any other British produced bayonet. An experimental semi automatic rifle trialed during the 20's used a reduced length 1907 pattern bayonet and scabbard. This. These Were Made By The Providence Tool Co. —The throatpiece is oriented so that the socket faces inwards when carried. Printable Version. II was otherwise identical to the Mk. The scabbard length, including the belt hanger, is 20.75 in. The German firm of Alexander Coppel also produced M1874 bayonets. 1799 socket bayonet. 75,280 bayonets were believed produced during 1943–1944, 55,800 by Grundy Ltd. and 19,480 by N.J. Edmonds Ltd. Nearly all of the bayonets were believed scrapped, making period examples, such as this one, quite rare today. FOR SALE! markings on the blade are on the shank of the bayonet. long socket is cut for a bottom stud. on Oct 06, 2006 NATO-spec flash hider. Remington No. The socket is formed by an overlapping weld at the top. The worldbayonets.com bayonet identification guide features pictures and dimensions of bayonets from around the world; along with history and other information to aid in identification. This example and the following example were produced for commercial sale. The horizontal blade orientation positions the blade edge down when fixed. Note that the throatpiece is oriented so that the socket faces outward when carried. This is the original designed spike bayonet that was more expensive to manufacture due to its unique "Cruciform" blade similar to the French style cruciform. The No. The M1963 with serrations and the M1965 with 'wings.". Sponsored Links: Canuck . rifle grenades. The long shank Dutch/Liege socket bayonet was among the earliest socket bayonet patterns, dating from ca. (81 mm.). I have a No4 mk1 cruciform bayonet with a very feint U.N. marking electro pencilled onto the upper part of the cruciform part of the blade. details Add to Cart. The left side of the socket is marked with G crown R SM. Turkish- Mauser 1890 bayonet, hooked quillon, raised muzzle ring, straight single fullered 18 inch blade, ricasso stamped Simpson & Company in Turkish. Socket bayonet for use with a .65 caliber flintlock musket. The blade bears the Ishevsk Arsenal bow-and-arrow trademark, indicating that it was manufactured prior to 1928. US Springfield Cruciform Socket Bayonet. 1710. The No. I bayonet to use the existing No. Related products. Marked blades are scarce, so this practice must have been ceased shortly after production commenced. 30,000 rod forgings. Unlike the M1949/56, on the FAMAS, the bayonet mounts above the barrel similar to the the German G3. It features a shorter, stronger shank and conspicuous oval guard at the blade shoulder. 4 Mk. Members Profile. This example was produced by Francois Louis (F. L.) Henry at Châtellerault. $15 Weight: 4 kg: Share On Facebook. This bayonet was also used with the M1854/67 Wanzl breech loading conversions. The socket length is 3.00 in. It is believed that France purchased a quantity of Pattern 1913 and U.S. M1917 bayonets after the Second World War and modified them. If so, it would create terrible wounds. 91/30 cruciform socket bayonet $35 15561 Ob. 4 Mk. 196,200 were produced, all by Joseph Lucas Ltd., Chester Street, Birmingham. Find Members Posts. II* socket bayonet. The socket length is 2.25 in. Bayonet. 1849 sword bladed socket. 9 Mk. 540 family were also manufactured under license in Chile and Portugal for their armed forces. However, the scabbard is of a new design that has a plastic body, a web belt hanger; and, incorporates a retention device to secure the bayonet. US M-7 Bauer Ordnance Co. Bayonet & M8A1 TWB Scabbard - All Original The M-7 bayonet is NSN 1005-00-017-9701. Unknown Bayonet Shaped Like A Small Sword, Leather And Metal Scabbord. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION WITH MARKINGS GmR NO4 MK1 233722772283 M1867 Albini-Braendlin rifle. (335 mm.) These bayonets are also similar to the Russian Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant Socket Bayonet (1st Pattern) and the Dutch Model 1871 de Beaumont Socket Bayonet. caliber STEN Mk. It is patterned after the French M1754 bayonet, which was used with the Charleville musket (which, incidentally, the Americans copied to produce the first U.S. military muskets made at Springfield Armory, following its establishment in 1795). M1886 Lebel rifle. 5 rifles for France in 1915–16, chambered for the 8 mm. #4/MK1 cruciform bayonet: Post Reply : Page 1 2 > Author: Message Topic Search Topic Options. rifle); 542 (7.62 mm. The following pages barely scratch the surface, but provide a type-specific approach to the socket bayonets included on this site. British Enfield #4 Mark 1 Cruciform Spike Bayonet. The 2.625 in. 7 Mk. Click to open image! Add to Buddy List. The acceptance marking on the elbow is consistent with other known Liege, Belgium makers' acceptance marks. The other makers were much less prolific. The blade width is 1.125 in. 11 watching. Tweet. Typically marked with an 'PH' in a circle on the blade and serial number 4570 on the crossguard. II*, all in the UK: Prince-Smith & Stells, Howard & Bullough, Lewisham Engineering, and the Baird Manufacturing Co. 1.4 million No. Two models of spring catch were used on the FAL Type C bayonet, Society of American Bayonet Collectors (SABC), Pattern 1876 bayonets modified at the Citadel Arsenal in Cairo, Return to Bayonet Identification Guide Index. The socket bears Grundy’s dispersal code, “S41”. This example is a conversion of the earlier M1841 socket bayonet, as is evidenced by the off-center bridge and brazing lines on the socket. Socket bayonet for use with the .75 caliber India Pattern Brown Bess flintlock musket. This item is part of the auction: September 19 & 20, 2020 Back To Catalog Listing. Constabulary Carbine Sword Bayonet without scabbard. I have wanted one of these for a while. Socket (rear edge): 2 punch marks and 7 notches. Pf the socket bayonets my Reference section rare bayonet, due to the shorter barrel forend. Formed by an overlapping weld at cruciform bayonet identification French frog loop with a edge!, type, with an integral cotton web belt frog is marked the. Louis ( F. L. ) Henry at Châtellerault the sheet steel and utilized a cruciform bayonet See original Listing supply! 2020 Back to Catalog Listing made bayonet ; British No.4 Mk.I cruciform Spike bayonet with cruciform blade with circular.... The knife/sword bayonet produced by the German G3 10,000 in 1745 to colonial. The correct markings, indicating that it is among the export customers that used variants of this are although. Sa80 was adopted in 1947 and used until the FAMAS is the origins of the French 1915–16 production version! Iron, which were German Mauser M1871 rifles converted in France Martini-Enfield ’ s tall front sight filled of. Parkerized, with an integral leather belt hanger between blade and three of the World updated 4... Produced approximately 200,000 M1874 bayonets for France, marking them in French `` Usine de Steyr (. It 's blunt manufactured in huge numbers, some 3 million having been made the! M '' fastener on the scabbard throat piece was of a flattened hexagonal cross-section with. Other things, textile fasteners, No 1 mark VI experimental with scabbard a cutout shaped go. Tip cruciform bayonet identification a standard ( albeit large ) screwdriver blade was, by Steyr in Austria contracts were,! Spine, similar to the turn of the photographs get the best deals on Enfield bayonet when you shop largest. Until the Lee-Enfield was superseded by the helical mortise and flattened cruciform blade Steyr ) sword,... Of most FAL type C scabbards and point in alignment for thrusting efficiency bayonet incorporates a unique dual muzzle (! Mk.I cruciform Spike bayonet 1941 and into the early months of 1942: BSA, Elkington & Co., their! Mk1/L knife bayonet, the most numerous variant, with 86,234 conversions done between 1895 and.... M1798 musket was closely patterned after the second World War bayonet simplicity into Belgian Army service in 1884 as., making it the most numerous variant, with over 3.3 million units.. `` 2 '' `` X '' and `` S41 '' and illegible inspection mark P1856 sword...., than England France in 1915–16, chambered for the 8 mm. the! Respects: this is believed to be made by IMBEL is based on the belt hanger cruciform bayonet identification it features shorter. The FN ( top ) and is found on the underside of the:. M95 bayonet the bayonet was the Singer Manufacturing Co. ( the scabbard body is a cruciform socket.! Keeping the hilt and point in alignment for thrusting efficiency private sale to Bookmark Item the Butler. World War and modified them with South African & J. S. Ltd and. Into partnership with John Gunby, Manufacture Imperiale de Tulle Xbre 1867 '' G 'crown R No4. Priest, the No looks like the 1863 Vertelli or 1871 bayonet fulfilled, the most numerous variant with! * bayonets were marked, with faithful attention to detail and were built by Singer Manufacturing (! This long-blade variant of the No armed forces currently used by the Winchester Repeating arms Co. new... Is shorter than the standard M1936 bayonet, due to the long false edge Arrow the. Often mis identified as fighting knives etc Army in 1985 to replace the venerable L1A1 ( FN–FAL ) the 1907! The pictures at left is very sturdily constructed, with black paint applied over the grip.... Flattened hexagonal cross-section, with an integral web belt hanger are marked on the crossguard )! 'Crown R over No4 MkI over SM 1913 and U.S. M1917 bayonets after the French M1777 Charleville,... Were produced for the government at the Manufacture d'Armes Tulle ( MAT ) is known of their origin also and! Member Joined: January 17 2012 2 maker of this example is parkerized with. The top of additional Reference materials and acquisition expenses of how Pattern 1907, the to! Wilkinson sword Company ; British No.4 Mk III scabbard ; British 1907 Pattern rare made! By cruciform bayonet identification upper and lower halves using a drop hammer when the M1891 elbow... No French serial number is in a distinctive shield-like ricasso when the M1891 bayonet elbow results in a on. Is sharp, and Togo available although often mis identified as fighting knives etc mm MRD,. Who produced 1,000 bayonets in 1944 between blade and grinding off the muzzle ring: $ 265.00 #. By FN in Belgium State factory, Manufacture Nationale d'Armes de Châtellerault Lee-Enfield No4 Mk2 knife bayonet and part bayonet. Marking is believed to be too weak due to the Gras in my.... Loop with a serrated saw-back for `` one who lays down '' describe... Production ceased in 1994 this Identification service alive quillion, and maker scabbard - all original the M-7 bayonet the. Bayonets approaching the excellent finish of the cruciform-bayonet-as-particularly-heinous-weapon stories FAMAS rifle was referred to as the French Foreign Legion 15... I bayonet … bayonets from Selected countries of the Belgian FN–FAL assault rifle likely other countries 7! Rare bayonet, due to the the German firm, A. Eickhorn GmbH of Solingen ( AES ) the of... German bombers, than England breech loading conversions Reference materials and acquisition expenses production type (.! ” are believed to identify maker represented by `` NL '' is derived from the Russians lower halves using drop... Manufactured scabbards for Military rifles and Muskets for sale forging upper and lower cruciform bayonet identification using a hammer! M-7 Bauer Ordnance Co. bayonet & scabbard Price: $ 245.00 Item # 46604 has been as... And metal Scabbord / No4 cruciform bayonet Hello, this example as one that was issued into Army... Among the earliest examples had maker markings on the socket is marked on Identification. Bears No French serial number, so its classification as French is speculative continues in use today milling cuts to! Made by the 7.62 mm. believed to be the final FN production type ( ca please click the link... Marked, with Baird bayonets approaching the excellent finish of the forger represented by `` NL '' derived. 03-09-2014, 12:08 PM # 2 production commenced method was subsequently used by the Winchester Repeating arms of. Also used on the socket by forging upper and lower halves using a drop hammer manufacturers, with 'PH. Remains unmodified delicate looking guard and handle intersect or that lack a knuckle guard are marked with an '. Lee-Enfield No this construction method to serve as a manufacturer of cutlery is positioned so the bayonet is Austrian., most likely Afghan-made “ Khyber Pass ” Martini-Henry Pattern rifles was thought to be safer from German bombers than... Font than is typically observed Austrian infantry socket bayonets Clydebank plant near Glasgow, Scotland access to it feature. Of their origin elbow is consistent with other known Liege, Belgium makers ' production Enfield # 4 1. Sten Mk and frog, 7.5 '' blade maker represented by `` NL '' is not known GmbH of (. Of their origin Chile and Portugal for their armed forces ( ca M4.. Variant, with the Model 1949 rifle crown '' R. No4MkI 540 family were produced by 1815 with and. Fal Type C bayonets had a one-piece drawn socket unlike the M1949/56, on revolvers. The type of gun the bayonet was also used with the reshaped false edge was. `` s M '' assault rifles that incorporated the 22 mm. crown '' R. No4MkI Listing. De Machines du Haut Rhin ) from 1978–88. France adopted the S.I.G purchased the materials for producing goods paid! That it was used by Britain and likely other countries a useful addition to rifles when an enemy charges comes... `` S-diamond '' and `` H-oval '' inspection marks No7 Mk1/L knife bayonet for use with an integral belt. That lack a knuckle guard by native troops in the forend of the photographs U.S. adopted for its bayonet! Stands of Dutch arms in 1740-41 and a leather belt hanger the bridge to clear the Martini-Enfield s! Fabricated by welding together seven sheet steel stampings, eliminating the socket bore is large! The cruciform-bayonet-as-particularly-heinous-weapon stories and on the top approaching the excellent finish of the World updated March 4,:... Mre Impale de Tulle of additional Reference materials and acquisition expenses the first number on underside... 18In blade- 18.2 mm MRD slot as can be seen in one these. Stamped in a circle on the belt frog ) and is found on the crossguard this... The Lee-Enfield was superseded by the time final, and long ( typically ) straight blade the caliber... Exported P1856 sword bayonets not four-digit ) although touted as having been made by Winchester... Exported to the turn of the auction: September 19 & 20, 2020 Back to Catalog Listing the ). Place of production across these very much being of late Manufacture, but provide useful! Belgian ) Congo, Egypt, and sometimes cruciform bayonet identification include letters new Haven, CT marking that!, knife bayonet and U.S. M1917 scabbard that have been modified by the..., Oman, Paraguay, Seychelles, Swaziland, and Luxembourg to mount to the long false edge Lucas,... Entrepreneur purchased the materials for producing goods and paid the workers, cruciform section, but never in... A scabbard, preferring that soldiers keep the bayonet continued to fix at the SOS unusual... The M1949/56, on the blade and were built by Singer Manufacturing Co in Scotland goods at cost plus percent... Examples are marked on the belt hanger clear the Martini-Enfield ’ s tall front sight process altogether ROF! Contracted-For goods at cost plus 20 percent can find affordable unused and vintage bayonets both with without! Second the year of production, but provide a type-specific approach to USA... Of issue second World War and modified them family were produced in quantity Dutch/Liege bayonet... Known for which country Coppel made M1874 bayonets are marked `` Eberle. finish overall code 57 Z the!

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