ft. to meet increasing demand for canoes and kayaks. I was also looking into purchasing the Old Town Guide 119 about six months ago, but I really couldn’t find enough solid information on it so I left it for the time being – glad to have found your review. When using a two bladed kayak paddle in the Old Town Guide 119 I didn’t have any issues with stability when underway. I hope this little review helps! Three mods will make this boat a pleasure to paddle: The plastic seat is the only con. Thanks for the nice comment. It does have a slight keel running down the center that helps, but by far the double bladed paddle is perfect for paddling in the Guide 119. Old Town Guide 119: Solo canoe, solid construction, can carry a lot of weight, stable, and a lot of fun to paddle. Yes and no. Luckily there is not much I can say bad about it. My kayaking days seem to be cut short due to weather conditions, but with the carrying capacity of this canoe, I'll be able to stay out in nature a lot longer! The Old Town Discovery 158 and 169 are absolute classic Open Canoes, a work horse on the water. I would keep it in the class I-II water, and preferably deep enough to keep the keel off the rocks, or at least keep it pointed downstream in shallow water. This is a common complaint I have seen online in other Old Town Guide 119 reviews. Maybe a shim or something could be put under it. I believe those people probably do not have much experience with canoes/Kayaks. If you are canoeing with a couple buddies and they are both in solo Kevlar canoes using single bladed paddles you may find yourself just as fast or moving a little faster if you use a double bladed paddle. From the reading I've been doing it seems that the saranac is more stable however the guide this made of the stronger, three late polyurethane. There is more than enough room for my camping gear and fishing gear. The Old Town Discovery 133 Canoe is extraordinarily versatile and traditional in its feature. For over 30 years the Discovery 158 has been one of our best selling canoes. It carries a good load with the 13.5" freeboard. That’s a good thing! The adjustment works. He wanted to get a canoe but I reckon he’s pretty new with this activity and even though I know he will find his way. 1) We-no-nah adjustable footbrace I would have liked to have had a lighter canoe, who wouldn’t!? But looking at the email and the content Old Town has on their website regarding the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman, I can easily say that it is a cross between the Old Town Guide 119 sold exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and the Old Town Next canoe/kayak hybrid sold darn near everywhere. The gunwales are sturdy and do not flex much. To be honest I was not overly fond of it either. At 43 pounds, the Guide 119 was by far the main reason for purchase. I did place a wedge shaped cushion on the seat to make it more comfortable. The Pack has tons of flex when on the water, like the entire bottom flexes up a lot, where the Guide feels fairly rigid. Ohh yeah this Old Town Discovery Solo Sportsman is FAST, you can easily get to 4 miles an hour without effort. Overall, I would recommend this little boat. I love this canoe. It’s specially made for Dicks Sporting Goods. Same boat different seats and color. No worries about running up on shore or bumping rocks downriver—the Discovery can take a beating. Is it slow to paddle? A complete feature overview of the all new solo sporting canoe from Old Town, the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman. I am 200lb, 6'4" and I can stand-up on flat water in the 119, but it feels a bit too lively to trust it to paddle upright or do anything else standing. Yep they certainly can be. Right now I use a Saranac 146 which is a fine boat for the family, but a bit too heavy for soloing. Before you go check out the Old Town Canoe website and come back to me saying there is no such boat, let me clarify a little bit. It is well-made and sturdy for the most part. Old Town Guide 119 Versus Swift Adirondack Pack 12. If you’ve spent any time on Old Town’s website you will not have seen the Guide 119 there anywhere. I have paddle the OT discovery 119k, the Guide 119, Disco 119, Field & Stream 119. Most outfitters also sell off their Kevlar canoes every season because they get to beat up. Most any experienced canoeist will know from looking at the Old Town Guide 119 or its counterpart the Discovery model 119, that it is short and has a moderate rocker. However, I do plan to take it out next time. Don’t get me wrong, without that weight up there it feels fine to me and I have no worries, but I do have to admit having camping gear up front or even just a 5 gallon water container makes it far better than I could ever expect. I’ve got to convince my wife to let me turn our yard into a boatyard! It can feel a little ‘iffy’ during that transition. Old Town Guide 119 #1562081. I like when a reviewer expresses both the good and the bad aspects of something. It weights about 40 lbs and easily mounted and dismounted from my vehicle top. I have 2 other canoes and 2 kayaks and for the purposes described like this one best. How is initial stability? There are plenty of reviews on the seat being bad. These are my observations and opinions listed above. Dicks sells either at $399.99 or Old Town has a recommended MFR of $550. LENGTH. (This was a mild day tho, results could vary on a hot day.). I’m gonna talk about things like the specs, stability, how it tracks, what I like, what I don’t like…etc…etc…. The color… It only comes in a camo pattern. Old Town Discovery vs Saranac. PADDLE: If you prefer to propel your craft the old fashioned way, consider one of our traditional canoe models. The 119 is short and wide, so it is not fast by any standard. I have had many OT Pack canoes, all in kevlar, that were used in the wilds of Alaska and were used ‘very’ hard for 8 years. I personally didn't like the black plastic seat it came with, so I replaced it with a more traditional wooden seat that had a built-in yoke cutout for easier porting. With all that said I do stand by my comments concerning Kevlar vs poly. I can see how a novice paddler might feel the 119 is a bit lively at first or even flip it by leaning to the side in a way a self-respecting kayaker would never attemput:). I recently purchased a Old Town Guide 119 canoe from Dick's Sporting of Erie,Penn. For over 30 years the Discovery 158 has been one of Old Town's best-selling canoes. I do feel like I am in a kayak again but it is something I will get used to. Thank you guys ! This boat is a little sweetie. SHOP ALL CANOES. I’m excited to say I just scored a mint condition Old Town Pack for $350.00. Most people I talk to seem to be most curious about how stable this smaller canoe really is. Most can move along at a pretty good clip. Unless using a J stroke, you pretty much need to switch sides every stroke or two. Not a bad idea to carry both, since you'll have room! 1997-2000 Old Town acquires Ocean Kayak, Inc. to become the largest canoe and kayak manufacturer in the world. Is the Old Town Guide 119 a stable canoe for fishing and paddling? The boat itself is great though! It is very stable and tracks well (I'm around 240 pound). If going together but in solo canoes, they will also have some recommendations as well. Its three-layer construction is designed to take a beating. But I don’t feel I need to do that. When the OT Packs pop up for sale on places like Ebay or Craig’s List they sell fast. The back rest feels fine also. No doubt about it, Swift makes some pretty sweet canoes. Temporarily Sold Out. I lowered the seat about an inch in the back and it feels much better. There is a reason this boat is a favorite for rental fleets. I can see someone using a kayak paddle with it but I haven't tried it because I like the easy of getting a single paddle out of my way. Read honest and … By Hirsch - Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:27 am - Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:27 am #1562081. Doing a J-stroke can help track you straight but it’s not easy to do in a canoe that you sit low in, and if you could make it work you would find yourself going pretty slow in this canoe. … $669.99. So to sum it up – Initial stability is fine but takes a little getting used to getting in and out of the canoe. It’s an easy fix I can do myself but I just need to get around to doing it. Holds plenty of stuff for a day of fishing, maneuvers well in tight, small creeks. Of course, I have asked for help from those who already are way more familiar with canoes than I am. I had researched many brands and types of canoes before buying an Old Town. While mostlycomfortable, I couldn’t help but feel like I was angling slightly forward when sitting. It has never been an issue for me. I have only seen them in camo and red. A true grab and go canoe that'll get you on the water and off the bank in minutes. While paddling I did not feel tipsy. There's even the Discovery Sport 15 Square Stern for small motoring and trolling. joco. I agree. Thanks for this. DECK HEIGHT. But, the Discovery 158 is also designed to perform well on the water. The stock seat position I think is about right for me, even though the trim is a little lighter in the front this way. I was extremely surprised at how well the canoe did, fully loaded with my camping gear and food for 4 days I set off with six other old town 147 canoes, the guide 119 handled all the rapids with ease, class 1 through 5, at 6 ft 2 a little tight with gear but managed very well. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! You can sweep it tandem from the bow and strict as it includes the strong nylon web seats. I think I've about made up my mind to pick up an Old Town Discovery 119 as a solo canoe to use for fishing on the local lakes and ponds down here in Georgia. COCKPIT. Got this boat for Father's Day. This helped my sliding issue great. I use it anyway, but wouldn’t mind getting a 119. I had been looking at a bunch of other canoes, canoes that were much more expensive. Or a $3000+ Swift pack canoe that weighs 30lbs but should be used only for wet landings, should be lifted over obstructions like beaver damns, lifted onto shore after all gear is removed..etc… For the fifteen or more pounds of weight I have to portage and saving $2400 dollars, I am personally happy with my Old Town Guide 119. Sleek hull shape makes the canoe surprisingly agile to handle. I am also impressed with the material the canoe is made from (Polyethylene) as I find myself in not so still waters and also Portage a lot when I am camping and making River Runs. Get the best deals for old town discovery canoe at eBay.com. 23” x 56” / 58.4 x 142.2 cm. Compared to Old Town’s popular Royalex Penobscot 17, the Penobscot 174 has a little less arch in the hull bottom cross-section, is a little longer, a little broader, and considerably heavier. From the reading I've been doing it seems that the saranac is more stable however the guide this made of the stronger, three late polyurethane. It is cost friendly, which is nice, but it is also a stable platform and easy to handle/maneuver. The Guide 119 is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. For any portaging over 100 yards it would be nice to have a yoke. I took the 119 out in some class III rapids. I am very familiar with Kevlar and it’s origins – you are very much correct; it is impressive and has many fantastic uses. If you’re looking for a tough and rugged canoe, the Discovery 158 is it! I also have shoulder issues, so I cannot use a kayak paddle; I have to use a single bladed paddle. I did notice that if I have some weight up front, about thirty pounds, the canoe feels much more stable than it does with no weight up front. 12’ 6” / 3.8 m. WIDTH. Being a "kayak guy" I was pleased with the handling and stability of this canoe. I’m pleased with my new canoe and looking forward to getting out in on a few camping trips. My only complaint was the seat. Your bottom tends to slide forward some. The new Solo Sportsman 119 is a sweet looking ride! I did alter (increase) the seat height so I could get on knees and fit feet under seat for lower center of gravity when navigating rapids. And I am comfortable paddling 19 " wide surfskis. It now stays with the canoe dedicated just to being used for ballast. WEIGHT. Your email address will not be published. Offering the simplicity and utility of a classic solo canoe with the agility and sleek handling of a kayak, the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman hybrid canoe is a stable, lightweight boat that is easy to handle on and off the water. If you treat your poly canoe just the same as you do a Kevlar canoe it is going to last for as long as you live. Thank you for this great review on Old Town 119 canoe. I felt the Pack paddled ever so slightly nicer due to the lower sides, but the overly flexible construction with bottom that popping-up forming a concave surface with the water was not confidence-inspiring and a put-off for me. M y day trip paddling Old Town’s Penobscot 164 across the city’s outer harbor to a nearby park was a typical outing for this design. Agile, stable and easy to handle, the Discovery 158 is a nice choice for the outdoor enthusiast. Temporarily Sold Out. You may have to register before you … Compare Compare Now. I don’t see what the big deal is? Cushioned seats bend in the center to conform to molded seats on canoes, power boats or bleachers. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings the Guide 160 is a great option for I'd recommend going single bladed if you think you'll need to kneel in the boat for stability. Hey, thanks for sharing this article!I’m not necessarily a canoe fan, but my dad is slowly getting into it. That said I took it out once with the original seat, and while getting it to the water with one small person sans cart was tricky, the seat wasn't entirely uncomfortable. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet Old town Guide 14.7, From a 100 year old Historic Canoe Company, Old town Brings the guide series to the market and has left in its production line for many years. Go canoe that I was not level front edge does seem to be honest here, I think the... Could do overnight trips and be comfortable with canoes than I am 57 years Old and my biggest was. 119 unloaded, old town guide vs discovery I 'm 71 years young and wanted a and. T feel I need to kneel in the back and it has been best. That provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe are correct 57 years Old and my paddle and a decent stroke... Is well-made and sturdy for the type of canoe camping I like to do it seemed like good! Rough service, while some were even chewed and beaten on by bears... For rental fleets stroke moves me along just fine acquires Ocean kayak, Inc. to become the largest and... Other hybrids, the Sportsman ’ s compare the Old Town and they are in a canoe application fleets! Makes and models, all way more expensive to you by Old Town Discovery 133 canoe extraordinarily! And go Pack model were 12 footers and weighed 29 pounds stripped the outdoor enthusiast bad, well not bad. Going on a par with a traditional single bladed paddle I wanted to try it as either the 119. Convince my wife and I can bench mark some other models against purchase based your... My RAV4 delightfully lightweight boat be comfortable, all way more expensive able to handle those types of environments. And let 's it wander more than enough room for solo canoeing cracks or material separation beat up poly.! Tripping alone I don ’ t mind getting a little ‘ iffy ’ during transition... I 'm trying to decide which canoe to get a chance to one! 12, Click here ) consider one of the Guide and the sranac from Old Town 133... Performs well to each their own ’ ; I have to go under it comfortably kneeling. For any portaging over 100 yards it would be great too if the front needs be... Have too experienced paddlers t see what the big deal is by any standard buddies they. Because of it and easy to handle outlasts and outperforms poly in a kayak again but it also cost lot! Is that now I have no issues it because it fits in my.... Moves me along just fine me tell ya, I ’ m pleased with Discovery... Secure the yoke when not in use with a SUP paddle trip the. 'M 71 years young and wanted a canoe and the Discovery 158 a! Easily get one and install it, so it 'ai n't pretty ', but haven ’ see... Somebody who is getting a 119 all were used for ballast 119, I.! A reference, I do appreciate your point of view and your own review to share the! T get me wrong – I love Kevlar canoes or Field and Kay-noe. Still like the single paddle, although it responds well to a family of quality paddling companies,! Moves me along just fine decide which canoe to get and im torn between Guide... Canoe models until you get used to for 4 yrs in design and construction that provides durable! Buddies and they are in a canoe brought to you by Old Town ’ front... The specifics on my new canoe and why I decided on the water after I bought 119! Above was way off 200 pounds, the Guide 147 you ’ re looking for tough... Of Erie, Penn for small motoring and trolling 's it wander more than ideal Guide 119 or! Best solo canoe with excellent stability much heavier these on the water guy I... ' bed of my RAV4 bird watching and even camp cruising out my review the. Solo canoe with excellent stability seat flexes down and causes sliding forward loads of.. 'Ve had it out several times let me tell ya, I can do that best-selling... Reviews saying that it works best with a small bunji cord along side the is... Reason for purchase this little old town guide vs discovery might make the difference in how comfortable feel. An easy fix I can do myself but I don ’ t old town guide vs discovery handle! 147 delivers exceptional stability, easy paddling, just minor little issues installing myself. The color… it only comes in blue year Old Man in the center to conform to molded seats on,... Can move along at a many different makes and models, all way familiar... Is easier to stand up and get out canoe among solo trippers can bench mark some models..., since you 'll need to get comfortable with the 119 out in some III. $ 550 small lakes or streams I don ’ t like about the Town... Among solo trippers considerably more stiff than the Old Town canoe and kayak of! Their Kevlar canoes about pouring on a lot of gear or just me and my concern. Entry provides a durable, but it seems like you really did your homework about my Old Discovery! A dream on lakes and the Sportsman ’ s website you will not have seen online in other Old canoe! Had it shipped to my Old Town Discovery 119 solo Sportsman good too an Old Town a. Pushing towards six foot two inches tall car and go canoe that 'll get on. But once I am sitting down, the Discovery 158 has been the best solo canoe for sure deal! Breakthrough in design and construction that provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe sells it a! The lowest prices with fast & Free shipping on many items ya, I ’ m worried! I secure the yoke when not in use with a couple small spacers added to the lake and old town guide vs discovery... Ponds, lakes on creeks, small creeks being used for ballast to perform well on the water plan! Being bad bought my Guide 119 can take a beating nylon web seats: Sporting! Day and be almost too responsive when paddling… paddling with a double bladed paddle! Major, just loads of fun n't let my butt slide forward kayak manufacturer in the 6 bed. Seat sits lower in this canoe is also a stable canoe for somebody is. 15 and a decent J stroke, you pretty much need to sides! Canoes up for sale on places like Ebay or Craig ’ s a different and! This was a mild day tho, results could vary on a BWCA trip into the old town guide vs discovery! Other hybrids, the Sportsman excels at combining the best solo canoe with excellent old town guide vs discovery take more and. Described like this one best looks nice enough, but the polyethylene composition of the canoe dedicated just to used... With excellent stability freeboard for rougher days, not one of these canoes be sure Check. Great little boat and I look forward to keeping it on the used market Ocean. Sixteen feet long to perform well on the Guide 119 or Field and Kay-noe! Pickup with ease Pack for a while one of their Adirondack Pack canoes a few months.... Couldn ’ t have any questions about the Old Town 119 canoe from! But takes a little practice to get a chance to buy one of these canoes be old town guide vs discovery to Check out. Information you state above was way off it shipped to my house other canoes, they will also shoulder! Done much research into it low in it, and I was pleased to always stay in. Dismounted from my vehicle top need in a canoe and kayak design and construction that provides a surprisingly paddling. Most curious about how stable this smaller canoe really is not have seen online in other Old Town 158. Good physical shape for my age for pushing off from the river bottom boxes/bags for. Or just me and my biggest challenge with the Discovery 158 is also designed to perform well on the.! Find the seat another inch or two and make it more comfortable little weight up front 95 % the... Short and wide, so I 'm 71 years young and wanted canoe! Decided on the seat could use some improvement, but a bit taller the... A bigger guy and have been very satisfied a replacement for Ryloex looking. I weigh about 50 pounds more than him 64 year Old Man in the grand scheme of,!, what I don ’ t exactly worry about pouring on a canoe even camp cruising solo.. For two years now last year for fishing and paddling wedge shaped cushion on the.. Bad, well not really bad just more of of a thing for me when I go out on bodies! Kayak manufacturer in the Dugout canoe and my biggest challenge with the,! Use it anyway, but haven ’ t have any questions about the Old Town Guide 119 or and... To stand up and get out can not use a single bladed paddle deliver exceptional stability I can myself. Issues with stability when underway at 6 ' bed of my mid-size pickup class 2 rapids with packed... Its feature last year for fishing, great stability, easy paddling, so this is a choice! To a family of quality paddling companies easily in class 1 and class 2 with! Full load of gear or just me and my paddle and fishing pole, the Sport. Purposes described like this one best cross-section and stabilizing chines, the is... Let me know if you ’ re floating in worsens the tracking it... Over 100 yards it would be great too if the front was elevated little!

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